McAfee Advanced Threat Defense

Advanced detection for stealthy, zero-day malware

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McAfee Advanced Threat Defense

Web ProtectionMcAfee Advanced Threat Defense detects today’s stealthy, zero-day malware with an innovative, layered approach. It combines low-touch antivirus signatures, reputation, and real-time emulation defenses with in-depth static code and dynamic analysis (sandboxing) to analyze actual behavior.

Combined, this represents the strongest advanced malware security protection in the market and effectively balances the need for both protection and performance.

While lower analytical intensity methods such as signatures and real-time emulation benefit performance, the addition of full static code analysis to sandboxing provides detailed malware classification information and broadens protection against highly camouflaged, evasive threats and allows identification of associated malware leveraging code re-use. Delayed or contingent execution paths, often not executed in a dynamic environment, can be detected through unpacking and full static code analysis.

McAfee Advanced Threat Defense Key Differentiators

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